Classroom Policies


  1. Students must be in the classroom by the time the bell rings. Two points will be deducted from your work grade each time you are late. If you can get a legitimate pass then points will not be deducted from your work grade.
  2. Be respectful towards each other, the instructor, and all property within the classroom. Please don’t touch other people’s projects. If you need something please ask.
  3. Fooling around in class will not be allowed. No throwing of objects, unplugging computer items etc..
  4. Talking will be permitted during class time as long as the noise level is kept at a workable level, determined by the instructor. During lecture time talking will not be permitted. If anytime you have questions or something positive to contribute raise your hand so you can be acknowledged.
  5. Make sure your computer area is cleaned up and everything is taken care of at the end of each block.
  6. No food, candy, or drink other than water will be allowed in the classroom.
  7. Please don’t enter the classroom if the instructor is not present.
  8. No phones allowed, I see it I take it. You will get it back at the end of the block.
  9. Electronic listening devices will be allowed. Volume must be low enough that I cannot hear it when walking by. They will not be allowed during lecture time. This privilege can be withdrawn at any time.
  10. Cheating will not be tolerated. All students involved will be given zeros for their work and office and parental notice will be given.

In case of fire or fire drill students will exit the main entrance door turn right, proceed to the end of the hall, turn right, and proceed to the parking lot by the golf course. Students need to gather so attendance can be taken to ensure that everyone has gotten out of the building safely.

It is my goal that every student who actively and constructively participates in this class will have a very successful and enjoyable semester.

I have read and had explained the policies above and I while in this class I will abide by these rules.

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